Hello, let’s introduce to you! I believe that the information about our activity will be useful for you.


The dairying company DESTAN has been established in 1994 for production of cow’s white cheese. Stage by stage in 2002 and 2008 the factory has been enlarged by new workshops for production of white cheese, yellow cheese and curds with modern technological equipment and contemporary refrigeratory installations.


As a result of this DESTAN PLC has been licensed for export activity in  the states – members of The European Union under Nr. BG1912016

Systems of Management and of Guaranteeing The Quality of The Food, Wine and Tobacco  Industries  have been put in operation: NASSR and ISO 22000:2005.



The company is owner also of a Production – Commerce Complex DESTAN consisting of a modern bakery for bread production and bread articles, a store of foodstuffs and a restaurant.

DESTAN PLC is directed also to activities connected with renting and procession of agricultural lands for production of corn cultures. For several years the company  masters a modern machine fleet and stock connected with its activity as agricultural producer.
Our approach is to win customers through production of the traditional Bulgarian  dairy products of high quality.